Animation with Komotion


Komotion Rigs are not limited, static structures, and they have no reliance at all on pre-built templates or modules


Completely New Creative Possibilities and Expression

  • Komotion Bone Chains open up completely new possibilities for non-conventional skeletal rigging and animation

  • All Komotion Bone Chains contain built-in: 6-DOF and Static IK/FK, motion paths, Uniform and Non-Uniform Scale and Stretch, pivot pointing, Chain accessory, and even more

  • Re-configure and extend rigs and bone chains during keyframing

Intuitive and Productive Animation

  • Simple animation with bone chains; all controls are built-into all chains

  • Innovative singular chains, shapes and colours to maximise productivity and guide users

  • Completely new approaches to explore with extensive Spline Knot and Path Controls

  • Mirror and flip rigs and bone chains sets in any direction!


Unprecedented, effortless creativity with non-static rigs and non-uniform scaling

Non-static rigs produced with Komotion open up completely new creative possibilities. To demonstrate this, a growing vines effect was created (shown on the right).

In this example, 5 Komotion Bone Chains were created; each with 10 segments and deformation corrective joints.

Using Non-Uniform Scaling, built-in Spline Controls and FK, Bone Chains could be scaled down to zero, and then freely animated and key-framed with a time-lapse growing effect.

Skeletal animation with Komotion Rigs is completely fluid with limitless amounts of movement, maximising creativity, productivity, and quality. Rigs built with Komotion can be thought of as biological beings in of themselves, that can limitlessly grow, extend and evolve during key-frame animation.

Looking at the 12 Principles of Animation, the growing vines effect shows that Squash and Stretch, and even Exaggeration, can be expressed very effectively with little effort, unlike any other tool available!


Result: For the Growing Vines, all Rigging, Skinning and Animation totalled 45 minutes!

New Animation Controls for Unique Rigs and Posing

Skeletal animation with Komotion Rigs is completely fluid allowing for limitless amounts of movement to maximise creativity, productivity and quality.

Inverse Chain


All of these Animation Controls can be used with all Komotion Rigs and Chains; even if the chains are linked to other custom rigs.

Free Rig


Inverse Rig

Free FK


Built into every Komotion Bone Chain:

Spline Controls

6-DOF IK/FK Chain Movement

Bone segment uniform/non-uniform scaling and stretching

6-DOF Mirroring and Posing

Chain Accessory

Twist Controllers

Structure Combining Capabilities