Our current main focus is on Komotion for Maya, and implementing many new features and configurations from industry feedback.

In the long-term, we expect that our next mainline Komotion software product will be Komotion for Houdini.

Komotion for Maya

Core and Export


Pad System for Komotion Chains

New tutorial series for v1.2


Standard Rig Templates

Additional Export Options



General Usability Improvements


Overhauled Skin Wrap Algorithm

Future Komotion Components


One of the next planned Komotion components is a Pose Library, as found in many other auto-rig systems.

Pose Library


Facial Rigging & Animation

On completion of the Pose Library, we’re likely to move forward adding a component to further extend the Komotion Auto-Rig, and animation controls for facial rigging and animation.


The innovative rigging and bones technology in Komotion can also be leveraged for building muscle systems. Our technology however, has significant potential for muscle systems to be built for Characters and work in real-time, in game engine. This has never been achieved before and has significant potential for pushing forward the field of Animation for Games and VR.

Muscle Systems


Mo-Cap Linking

With our fully procedural auto-rig and previously completed internal R&D, we are planning to further extend Komotion to provide automated linking to mo-cap data. Currently, rigs built with Komotion are inherently capable of scaling to mo-cap data.


Following internal R&D completed in 2017, we have investigated automated mo-cap cleaning of marker-based data, and had some interest from studios.

Mo-Cap Auto-Cleaning


Future Komotion Software Products


Komotion for Maya -
macOS & Linux - TBA

We have received industry interest on releasing Komotion for Maya for macOS and Linux. Due primarily to current time constraints, we don’t have the capacity to further develop and release these ports. Studios interested in macOS and/or Linux ports of Komotion for Maya should contact us to registered their interest.


Komotion for Houdini - TBA

We have received considerable industry interest in developing and releasing Komotion for Houdini. Our main focus right now is Komotion for Maya, and we currently have no dates, plans or schedules to share. If you’re a studio that would like to discuss Komotion for Houdini, please contact us.


Due to the current lack of industry interest and demand, Komotion for Max has remained internal software. There are currently no plans or schedule for wider release though if a studio is interested in Komotion for Max, please contact us for a further discussion.

Komotion for Max - TBA

Future Komotion Innovations


Cross-platform Rigging

Back in 2017, we developed a proof-of-concept showing cross-platform rigging between Komotion for Max and Maya. With further development of Komotion for Houdini (and potentially, Komotion for Max), our next key industry-first innovation will be cross-platform rigging. The core structure of rigs produced with Komotion for Maya already take into account the future feature of cross-platform rigging.