Komotion - Our Offering for the Media & Entertainment Industry


There is clear demand from the Games, Animation, VFX and XR industries for a disruptive auto-rigging solution taking a fresh new approach. We’ve achieved this with Komotion for Maya. Professionals and studios have always been overwhelmingly enthusiastic about our software, our new approach and industry-first innovations, and our future plans for the Komotion toolset and plug-ins.

Throughout the M&E industry, we hear constantly from professionals that they perceive the current industry incumbents (such as AdvancedSkeleton) as having hit a ceiling in terms of what they can do creatively and technically, as well as overall productivity with those tools. They only ever at best see iterative improvements each year, with no real innovation or disruptive competition.


With fully procedural rig creation, Komotion for Maya automates complex skeletal rigging unlike anything else on the market; keeping the focus on rapidly solving core technical challenges and animation. Sidestepping the technical challenges that plague the incumbent industry tools brings about new creative possibilities, allowing for more diverse, differentiated and unique content creation.

Even with skilled TDs, rigging is still time consuming, highly complex, and easy to make errors. Komotion for Maya lets studios rapidly produce 3D Rigs and animations, to wipe out substantial R&D effort across technical animation, and keep the real focus on creative, productive animation.


Komotion for Maya is the first of its kind on the market. No other competing auto-rig product or solution is fully procedural, or has our new techniques and innovations. To the market and wider industry, our offering is very unique, and to the best of our knowledge, can’t be found in internal, bespoke tools only in top Game, Animation and VFX studios.

New products and rigging tools are continuously released, but they’re always stuck using conventional techniques, building on the same old foundations of modules and templates. Serious rigging is still restricted to top professionals, and 3D artists, designers and modellers are desperate for auto-rigging software that breaks the mould and gives them complete rigging and creative freedom.

Industry Feedback

From live demonstrations to pilot testing, we’ve received unanimous, overwhelmingly positive feedback from top industry professionals, valuing Komotion for Maya and seeing real potential in their production pipeline, as well as new possibilities for their 3D projects.

Many years of R&D have been invested into bringing Komotion for Maya, and the underlying industry-first innovations to fruition. With extensive testing and multiple rounds of studio pilot tests, the first release is production-ready with a full, stable feature set valuable to the many thousands of 3D professionals in the UK.