Rigging with Komotion for Maya


Komotion for Maya has the only Auto-Rig that can produce any Skeletal Structure – from scratch!


Cutting-Edge Auto-Rigging software for Maya

  • The industry’s first fully procedural auto-rig!

  • Procedurally create bone chains, and link to build complex rigs in minutes, meeting extensive technical requirements; instead of hours or days!

  • Rigging is far easier, and technical challenges are significantly reduced, wiping out most R&D

  • Production Pipelines are more agile, and far less linear

  • Extremely rapid Skeletal Rig prototyping

Entirely New Technical and Creative Solutions

  • Build Rigs to stretch directly onto mo-cap!

  • Opens up completely new ways of thinking about Rigging, and leveraging it for animation

  • Intuitive parenting system with Komotion Bone Chains fully interchangeable with other structures

  • Unmatched productivity building and testing of complex rig ideas and solutions

  • Built-in technical features and options allows for advanced rigging with no need for technical skills!


New Combined, Embedded Controls System

Built into all procedurally created Komotion Chains:

  • All controls built into every singular chain

  • IK and FK built into all chains with our innovative 6-DOF Kinematic technique; an industry-first!

  • Industry-first 6-DOF Mirroring/Posing

  • Common and new, advanced Animation Controls

  • Effortless non-uniform scaling and stretching of bone chains and segments

  • Spline Controls and a Chain Accessory controller

  • Every control type is always present and accessible

Full Cross-Compatibility with other Auto-Rigs and Custom Rigs

Komotion Rigs and Chains allow for integration and innovative rig creation, re-creation and structure combining. Completely new technical and creative possibilities using Komotion Chains, such as:

  • Freely extending any existing Skeletal structures, even rigs with existing character animation

  • Linking and integrating Komotion Chains onto custom rigs, and rigs built with 3rd Party auto-rigs

  • Re-assemble or build onto pre-existing rigs