Our cutting-edge 3D production software for Autodesk Maya, for the Game, Animation and VFX industries

Featuring the industry’s first fully procedural auto-rigging software, and a rapidly evolving auto-skinning tool-set

Komotion gives 3D professionals a range of powerful and innovative tools with brand new techniques, opening up brand new ways of thinking about 3D

Altogether bringing unprecedented productivity and creativity

Artists and Animators don’t need any technical skills to explore the completely new creative possibilities with Komotion

And for studios, Komotion for Maya fits seamlessly into existing Game, Animation and VFX production pipelines

Limited Procedural vs. Fully Procedural

AdvancedSkeleton is a ‘limited procedural’ auto-rig; like many others, it relies solely on constrained manual editing, fixed templates and pre-built modules for rigging.

Komotion for Maya is a ‘fully procedural’ auto-rig; from end-to-end, all chains are procedurally created and configured from scratch for any possible rigging need.

Above - A timelapse video showing Komotion used to rig, skin and animate the Dragon in the demo


Learn more about Komotion’s fully procedural auto-rig, the extensive configuration and rapid productivity building rigs, and how it solves many common technical challenges


Explore the unique animation controls in the Komotion toolset, how controls can be used in-tandem with procedural rigging, and the completely new creative possibilities to explore

Using Komotion

Learn about some of the practical use cases for Komotion, from solving technical and creative challenges, to exploring creative new effects and animations

Case Study

Read the case study on the ‘Dragon and Vines’ scene shown in some demo videos, and the unprecedented rigging, skinning and animation made possible with Komotion

Available on Windows for:
Maya 2016 Ext. 2, 2017, 2018 and 2019


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