Komotion for Maya
Crash Courses


Our Komotion for Maya ‘Crash Courses’ series shows users how to create unique art and animation, from start to finish, making extensive use of the full Komotion toolset.

Let it Grow - Crash Course

Tutorial Time Stamps:

1. Introduction to topic, Time: 0.4
2. Komotion ‘Scene Object Lists’, Time: 0.24
3. Creating a Komotion Chain and its configurations, Time: 1.22
4. Editing the Komotion Chain, Time: 3.39
5. Creating a ‘frozen state’ (Frame Zero Default Pose), Time: 8.03
6. Child chains using ‘Select and Create’ method, Time: 10.18
7. Editing the new chains, Time: 13.23
8. Skinning with the Komotion skinning panel, Time: 14.47
9. Weights, why is it visually awkward, Time: 16.25
10. Chain edge loop weights explained, Time: 17.37
11. Range of Motions, and important movements, Time: 19.11
12. Demonstrating correct edge loop weights, Time: 22.14
13. Demonstrates common controls used for growth, Time: 22.33

a. Select Chain and Select Rig Buttons, Time: 22.48
b. Delete Keyframe Button, Time: 23.52
c. Reset (Uses Frozen State) Button, Time: 24.37
d. Chain Root Button, Time: 25.14
e. Chain Thickness Button, Time: 25.33
f. Kinematic Controls Button, Time: 26.15

14. Demonstrates ‘Advanced Controls’, for tweaking, Time: 27.26

a. Path Joints (Path object children) Button, Time: 27.50
b. Spline Knots (Spline curve cache objects) Button, Time: 28.20

15. Animation Introduction, Time: 28.33

a. Step 1 (Animation), Time: 29.02
b. Step 2 (Animation), Time: 29.30
c. Step 3 (Animation), Time: 30.12

16. Create your animation, using the previous steps, Time: 30.53
17. Preventing export mistake (Standard ‘T-Pose’), Time: 31.35
18. Komotion exporting Panel explained, Time: 32.23
19. Save Before Export, Scene Safety, Time: 35.26
20. UE4 game engine import example (optional), Time: 35.42
21. Animated Game engine ready model (End Result), Time: 36.19
22. Ending Title, Time: 36.43