Komotion for Maya - Release Notes


Released: 30th June 2019


  • Resolved issue with Bezier curve degree 3 built into Komotion Chains

  • Node selection between Path objects and Path joints selection fixed

  • Komotion Chains without inheritance will now follow the Rig base

  • Selection order for Exporting is improved and simplified

  • Resolved issues when exporting a Komotion Chain without Corrective Joints

  • Fixed back-end licence checking issues


Released: 18th June 2019


  • Updated website and help links

  • Updated TurboActivate and TurboFloat libraries to v4.1.7

  • Fixed issues with Mirror Direction value changes and Mirror Controls

  • Resolved Spline Knot Selection Lock issue after running 'Run Scene Collection'

  • Fixed minor licence switching and initialisation issue


Released: 27th May 2019


  • Fixed window initialisation error for Maya 2016 Ext. 2 and 2017

  • Improved exception messaging

  • Updated TurboActivate and TurboFloat libraries to v4.1.3.0

  • Updated gong-wpf-dragdrop to v2.0.1

  • Updated Newtonsoft.Json to v12.0.2


Released: May 2019

New Features

Combined Installer for Komotion For Maya

  • A combined installer is now provided for installing Komotion for Maya plug-ins for 2016 Ext. 2, 2017, 2018 and 2019, as well as other components


  • Corrected detection in installers for present  .NET Framework versions

  • Front end now fully clears and resets after opening a Maya scene

  • Improved Freeze Rig Transforms command

  • Fixed minor keyframing issue

  • Minor chain reset issue for Twist controls fixed

  • Fixed minor state issue with controls and Mirror/Flip Selection command

  • Fixed using Mirror/Flip Selection with Root control


Released: April 2019

New Features


  • Komotion Export panel with extensive Game Engine export configuration and commands

Bone Chain Configuration and Cloning

  • Implemented full configuration of Bones and Controllers for Bone Chain Creation

  • Expanded X/Y/Z axis Lock Position and Lock Rotation configuration options

  • Head Bone configuration option implemented for controlling the final bone segment in a bone chain

  • Chain Twists configuration for improving control of bone segment twists

  • Corrective Joints to assist with smoothing out deformations, and for reducing reliance on corrective blend shapes

  • Batch cloning of bone chains with automated parenting to scene selected nodes

Spline and Accessory Controls

  • New Spline Path Controls for working with Path Objects and Path Joints in Komotion bone chains, for advanced users with complex use cases

  • New Accessory Rotation Weight control with separate Accessory Position Weight

  • Implemented Accessory Realign Rotation and Realign Position commands for resetting accessories


  • From feedback, the layout of controls, configuration and system controls was refactored

  • Fixed tooltips and other labels, and added core functionality for upcoming floating licences


  • Fixed Accessory translation offset issue on particular scene selections

  • Fixed multiple rotation and orientation issues

  • IK usage improved for certain use cases

  • Resolved issues for some uses of the Freeze Rig Transforms command


February 2019

New Features

Maya 2019 Support

  • Komotion for Maya now supports Maya 2019. A plug-in installer is now available, and available to all licensees.

Run Scene Collection

  • Added new 'Run Scene Collection' button for invoking manual scene collection in Maya scenes.

  • The automatic scene collections that happen when Maya Scenes are saved/loaded/changed have been removed.

  • Users should now click the 'Run Scene Collection' button when they need the Komotion front-end to sync with the Komotion Rig(s) in the Maya Scene.

  • This change has been implemented to allow users to render large completed scenes, without the need for collecting Komotion Rigs.

Fixes - v1.1

  • Fixed Jitter Issues

    • Cause: Over population of keys caused by Matrix history stored in Maya API.

    • Resolution: Maya API history deleted.

  • Fixed 6 DOF IK

    • Cause: Maya API Issue.

    • Resolution: New function set in place to stop IK calculations being over written.

  • Fixed Window creation errors for Maya 2017 and below

    • Cause: Window initialisation changes made for Maya 2018+.

    • Resolution: Added workaround that resolves the issue.

Fixes - v1.1.x

  • Added Website Link and updates to disclaimers

  • Fixed Window creation issue on Komotion plugin unload

  • Icons fixed for Maya 2019 installer


December 2018

Initial Release of Komotion for Maya