Komotion for Maya
Advanced Animation Controls


Duration: 1 minute 49 seconds

Inverse Chain

Move chains based on the Selected Chain IK Weight Value of 0.0 or 1.0.

It applies an inverse foot mimicking technique. To use, select or drag over a Kinematic controller. Scrubbing the Time Slider will alter the tangents produced.


Duration: 2 minutes 9 seconds

Free Rig

Freely move Chain Controllers while pinning all other Child Chains. This process is designed for rigging, with the main uses for correcting bone and placement mistakes.

This control should only be used on one chain at a time, and when in use, the user must not change frames.


Duration: 1 minute 43 seconds

Inverse Rig

Move the entire rig in the Scene.

This will reverse the hierarchy on the selected rig, and apply an inverse foot mimicking technique to an entire rig structure. With a ‘_BRUTE_’ node object selected, it initiates IK/FK hybrid movement, and the movement type is based on the IK Weight of the chain at the bottom of the rig hierarchy.

Scrubbing the Time Slider will alter tangents produced, and on completion, the ‘_BRUTE_’ object node should be deselected.


Duration: 1 minute 5 seconds

Free FK

Freely move Chain Controllers


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