Komotion for Maya
Advanced Skeleton Configuration


Position and Rotation Locks (X, Y, Z)

Locks the local ‘Rotation’ and 'Position' attributes of the selected bone chain in the X, Y and Z axes.

One key use is for configuring a Bone Chain for use as a Human Leg.

Duration: 58 seconds

Ignore Parent

Configure the Komotion Chain to ignore parent chain rotations. One key use case is for a humanoid or creature foot.

Duration: 1 minutes 41 seconds

Stretch Type

Configures the Path Objects in the Komotion Chain to have non-parametric (uniform) bone stretching. By default, it is unchecked for parametric (non-uniform) stretch.

Duration: 1 minutes 25 seconds

Curve Type

Change the chain spline to a Bezier type.

Duration: 1 minutes 5 seconds

Chain Twists

Duration: 1 minute 36 seconds

Corrective Joints

Duration: 1 minute 21 seconds

Head Bone

Duration: 1 minute 21 seconds

Base Bone

Causes the Komotion chain 'IK' to start on the Second Bone Segment of the chain. By default, it starts on Bone Segment One. One use case is for a Spine which needs a stable Pelvis.

Duration: 53 seconds


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