Komotion for Maya
Starting Komotion Skeleton Creation


Creating a new Komotion Rig

Click ‘New…’ and then ‘Empty Skeleton’ to create a new Komotion Rig. With a valid ‘Rig Name’, click ‘Confirm Rig’ to finalize and create the new Komotion Rig.


Removing and Deleting a Komotion Rig

To delete the currently selected Rig, click ‘Delete’ and then ‘Yes’ in the confirm dialog. If Komotion chains for the Rig are present in the scene, they will also be deleted.

Deleting an Empty Komotion Rig

Deleting an Empty Komotion Rig

If Komotion Chains exist in the scene, they will also be deleted

If Komotion Chains exist in the scene, they will also be deleted


Add a New Bone Chain to a Komotion Rig

Add a new empty Komotion bone chain to the Selected Rig.

The new Komotion chain will not be created in the scene until the Bones and Controllers values are set.


Chain Creation with Bone Count

Setting the ‘Controller’ value will create the Komotion chain in the Maya scene.


Chain Direction

Set the initial Chain Direction for the creation of the Komotion chain.

After the Komotion chain is created in the scene, we do not recommend changing the Chain Direction value, as the Dynamic Mirroring system relies on the value.


Chain Sizes

Change the bone, skin, controller and base chain sizes for the Komotion chain.


Chain Controller Colour

Set the controller colour for the Selected Chain.


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