Komotion For Maya
Linking and Parenting Komotion Chains,
and working with Komotion Nodes


Chain Creation and Linking With Dynamic Configuration

Chain Creation with Bones And Controllers


Parenting and Positioning Komotion Chains

Using Dynamic Configuration, there are two additional types of Komotion chain linking:

  • Parent Link

  • Parent with Position Link


Linking Komotion Chains

To perform any link with a Komotion Chain, you must have:

  • A node or Komotion chain controller selected

  • The relevant Komotion chain selected in the Komotion UI

There are three key ways of linking Komotion Chains:

  • Normal Linking

  • Half-Rotation Linking

  • Twist Rotation Link

Normal Linking


Half-Rotation Linking


Twist Rotation Linking


Komotion Nodes


Commonly Used Komotion Nodes

Duration: 3 minutes 34 seconds


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